Our Process


In our first conversations, we will learn more about your company and your building needs. We will ask you a number of questions to make sure we understand every last detail of the project. We will talk through all your options and what your custom design will look like.


Once we have the initial building concept nailed down, we will put together a project estimate and proposal for you to review. This will walk you through the entire build and give you a cost breakdown of all aspects of the project.


After the proposal is approved, we will make any revisions to the design plans. We will then review and finalize the entire design before submitting it for pre-engineering.


We then submit the final design to our engineering and manufacturing building partner. They will take our design and custom engineer your building exactly to our plans.


Our building partners then keeps the manufacturing process under the same roof, making the transition from engineering to application seamless. When the materials are ready for construction, they are sent to our construction site where our team will be waiting to construct your new steel building.


Because the building structures are manufactured and engineered by the same company, the construction process is quick and efficient. Our team does not have to work with separate material suppliers and customize structures on site. Because all materials come ready to put together, we can construct most buildings in just a few months.


When the building is complete, we will have the structure inspected to ensure everything is sound and up to code before we hand it over. Once we pass the final inspection, we will hand you the keys, and you can move in!