About Us

RAECO Builders, LLC was established in 2009 by owner Tom Jurgens. Working in the construction industry for over 23 years and having hands-on experience in virtually every aspect of construction, Tom was frustrated by the lack of attention being paid to building codes, customer service, and safety. So he decided to venture off on his own, and he was determined start a construction company that adhered to codes and didn’t take advantage of the end customer.

Since 2009, the RAECO team has been hyper-focused on making the construction process easy, efficient, and affordable. Tom has never intended to grow the company into a construction giant, but business has kept the team growing steadily. RAECO has a full support team of project managers, designers, and onsite supervisors to ensure success in the manufacturing and construction of your steel building. They all share the same core values that have built RAECO into an industry leader in steel buildings and concrete across the region. Those values are to provide a quality project at a fair price and to always do things the right way!