PERSONALIZED Steel Buildings


Our pre-engineered steel buildings are extremely versatile and can be designed for projects of all sizes from a 10,000 square foot service shop to a large manufacturing or warehousing facility. Each building is specially designed to meet your specifications and local building codes, and all of our buildings are 100% customized to your needs.


Pre-engineered, Not Pre-designed

How can a building be custom designed if it is pre-engineered? Pre-engineered buildings are not like the template pre-built homes and buildings you see traveling on a flatbed trailer to the construction site. Building a pre-engineered steel structure simply takes out the additional engineering process. Rather than finding a builder, material supplier, and building engineer, all three are taken care of under the same roof.


Save Time and Money

With a pre-engineered steel building you will cut a number of traditional building costs, and you won’t waste any time on extra communication and planning between building companies, engineers, and suppliers. Because the building is designed and engineered at the same time, the building will be ready to put together as soon as the pre-fabricated materials show up on site.

Our team is dedicated to getting your building up and running as quick as possible. If a project drags on, it hurts both of us. Many of our projects only take a few months from the time we break ground to the time you move in.