Conventional vs Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

To simplify the concept of a pre-engineered building, think of purchasing a building like a dining room table. When you are in need of a new table, you have a few options.


Option 1: Purchase a Pre-Built Table from the Furniture Store

Often times the first place you look for a new piece of furniture is your local furniture store. If you buy your table here, you are likely buying a designer table that is already built and simply needs moved into your home. This will be a nice piece of furniture, but you will have very little control over the design and size of the table.

Option 2: Purchase a Custom Table from a Local Woodworker

With this option, you have complete control over the design and size of the entire table. You will get exactly what you want, but since the woodworker will be spending time custom building the table and the materials will be higher quality than a manufactured table, you will likely be paying a bit more than you would have paid at the furniture store.

Option 3: Purchase a Pre-Designed Table to Build at Home

With online furniture retailers becoming more popular, this has become the preferred way of buying furniture for many across the country. When you shop online, let’s say on IKEA’s website, you choose a table and have it sent to you. Instead of buying a finished table, you are buying all the table’s parts, which show up at your door ready to be put together. This is an extremely efficient way to get the table into your house. Instead of hauling a pre-built table to your house, and working it around tight corners or up steep stairways, you are able to simply build it in the dining room. The table also goes together quickly because the materials have been manufactured to fit perfectly together and won’t need any customization.

How Does Pre-Engineering Compare?

Think of a pre-engineered building as the perfect combination between Option 2 and Option 3. What if you were able to custom design your dining room table and submit that design to IKEA to manufacture the parts and ship them to your house where you get to build the table in your dining room? This is exact process we follow with pre-engineered buildings.

Once we complete your building design, we send it off to our engineering and manufacturing partner, Nucor Building Systems. Nucor then engineers the building and manufactures all the pieces of the building in house. Once all structural materials are manufactured, they are loaded up and sent to your construction site where our team will erect the steel building. Because we need minimal onsite engineering and material customization, we are able to cut months of work out of the building process. You won’t have to pay for this extra time or the additional resources needed to build a traditional steel building that is engineered on site.

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